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Affordable clean energy

Inspire Energy works with new wind farms in your area to ensure an equal amount of clean energy is generated on your behalf.

Simply powers your home

You'll keep your same power bill, and when you pay it, you're supporting clean, renewable energy.

And creates a better world

You're reducing the use of dirty fossil fuels by your home and securing America's clean energy future for generations.

After just two days of being a member, you'll have decreased the amount of CO2  in the atmostphere like if you've had planted one sapling.

Little change, big difference

We'll boost your impact

While you're fighting climate change with clean energy, we'll be sending you the best energy efficiency tips via email to increase your positive impact.

Affordable, clean energy for your home

Inspire Energy is a leader in the green business field and is certified under Green America's rigorous standards. We go above and beyond our certification to implement ongoing sustainability work and smartly provide the tools to help our customers achieve their social and environmental missions. 

Good is in our DNA

A proven track record

Inspire Energy is an authorized, licensed energy supplier in Pennsylvania,  Maryland, New Jersey, New York, and Massachusetts by each state's utility commission. You'll know you're safe with us because we are backed by your utility and state. 

"I spent two minutes in front of my computer with my utility bill, and now I'm supporting 100% clean energy when I pay my home's power bill. It was as easy as that."

Emily B.

Newtown, MA

“Inspire Energy provides an invaluable service for my family where I know that I'm directly making their future brighter and cleaner.”

John S.

Bethlehem, PA

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